Monday, January 16, 2012

Omri Koresh

This week I am revisiting the work of Omri Koresh ( I am including a few photos of him from his blog taken by  Elena Shai. In keeping with my goal to present a variety of Images of men, I'm including one of a series of Omri in "gender-fuck drag".

Omri Koresh By Elena Shai

When I last featured Omri's work, I presented a censored version of the following artwork which he prepared for Deviant Art. This is the REAL picture of porn stars Francois Sagat & Collin O'neal:
This is another image that Omri has to edit for the Deviant Art censors. Lucifer doen;t loomk quite right in a pair of white Speedos! (see for yourself at:

His Deviant Art page is at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dan Skinner

 This edition of "Images of Masculinity" stars the men of the wonderful Dan Skinner, aka "Dan TheDanimal" on FaceBook, or as he's known on DeviantArt, where I first met him, cerberuseros  (

        Dan not only has an unerring eye for masculine beauty of all kinds, but also knows how to show affection as well as lust. He uses a nice variety of models, unlike some photographers who limit themselves to one "type". 

(But how about some daddies and more bears, Dan? (g))

So enjoy some of his images, folks.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Heat Wave with Dan Ostergren

Welcome the summery Images of Masculinity of Dan Ostergren, aka Ezra Savage (

After I found some great photos of men sweating and enjoying the summer,  I asked Dan to tell us about himself:

"My name is Dan, I'm a 24 year old queer man living in Portland Oregon, and am self taught, having started photography a year and four months ago."

He left out that he's as hot as his photos, as we can see from this self portrait, which Dan calls both "Cocky" and "Dirty". I think it's both, and more...

"I'll Never BeAlone"


"No H8"

"Faerie Dream" 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not Safe For Work: The Artwork of Mikes Bliss

Our guest artist this week is from the UK, mikes bliss. I discovered his work recently online, and invited him to submit some images to "Images of Masculinity".

Since same of the images he sent me are a bit on the "steamy side", I decided to add the NSFW headline I see so often on other list and blogs. If homosexual acts offend you - 


Mike sent me this Bio:

MIKES BLISS is an artist living and working in London. He spent his childhood living in various places, like Germany, Hong Kong, and Thailand. He studied fashion at Edinburgh College of Art and Design. His upbringing gives him a unique perspective which he constantly infuses into his work. His view of the world is colored by his experiences, and he dares the viewer to relish the pain, ecstasy, even horror of his daily triumphs. 

His work has a compositional simplicity that has a complicated sentimental narrative. He invites the viewer on a journey to catharsis. Its main element of autobiography gives the viewer a voyeuristic participation. He illustrates his psyche and emotions on canvas with most of his subjects naked to amplify the intimacy he demands of his audience. His paintings are often natural and naïve but always passionate. His art is expressive, earnest, raw, and revealing. He is constantly working on his portfolio and private commissions, including portraits. 

Mikesbliss has just published his first graphic novel: GOD MAKER: VAMPIRES OF LONDON.  

He has had various exhibitions in London, Edinburgh, Cleveland (USA), Zagreb (Croatia), Portsmouth (UK), Bath (UK), and New York City (USA). His art has been featured in Forbidden Angels Magazine, reFresh Magazine, Asthetica Magazine, SoFa So Naked Magazine, Our Schwules Auge (German erotic coffee table book), PositiveNation, 3Sixty Magazine, Pimp Your Life (German Interview), The Art of Love, Cream Drop Boys Magazine, GayDar Nation Interview, Iris Print 2007 Calendar, Art Wanted Calendar, Blue Magazine (issue #65). QX Magazine(issues #662), QX Men Magazine (May 2009), QXMen, Boyz Magazine (January 2009), AdonisArt Magazine, Mirror Balls Magazine, QS (Queer Scotland), and PULP Magazine (U.S.A.).

Visit his webiste at


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Introducing Rafi (Raphael Perez)

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This week's featured artist:
Rafi (Raphael Perez) 

For my last two posting on “It’s Raining Men”, I’ve featured the artwork of the prolific and unusual Israeli Artist, Raphael Perez, also known as Rafi. His image  

has become the “mascot” of my Project to collect stories for a an anthology to raise money to support marriage equality, currently in New York State. 

       When I approached Rafi through his deviant Art page at  to be include his work in our Blogs, he was so enthusiastic to participate that he emailed me dozens of pieces of his art, as well as a collection of  interesting photos.

        Some of his pieces show that Rafael Perez is a classically trained painter, with stunning images full of reality. But his main style is what he refers to as “naïve”, but I call “graffiti style”, living in New York where these sorts of images pop up on walls like mushrooms.

        Today I am including a combination of his works in both styles as an introduction. 

        I hope you love them like I do.

"Kiss My Ass"

Next week: Rafi photos.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Fantasy Oriented Art of Adrienne Wilder

This week, I am featuring the fantasy oriented art of Adrienne Wilder Author of Dark, Dangerous, Erotic, Urban Fantasy "The nightlife in Atlanta just got a whole lot scalier."

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Adrienne's bio:
      I'm a writer and Artist of dark urban-fantasy, and I enjoy using my artistic skills to bring my characters to life. My work is primarily done in a digital paint, using Corel Painter. I usually use photos I find in magazines or the internet (sometimes several to get the right pose and (proportions) as a model for me to go by, and then paint my characters in the poses of the photo. 
       My dragons (not shown here) are of course completely out of my head, because they don't exist to model for me. (I wish they did). I prefer realism for my character art (hence why I like to work with a picture for a model), but I have also done some line art (graphic novel type) work as well. 
       It takes anywhere from ten to fifty hours for me to complete a painting, depending on the complexity of the work. Drawing my characters not only gives me inspiration for the stories I write, it helps bring them to life inside my head. I learn almost as much about my characters when I draw them, as I do when I write them. 

1: Raithe - Character drawing and cover art for Darwin's Theory Book Four: Lost 

2: Adam and Ean - Character Art for To Adam With Love (tentatively titled). 

3: The Love of a Dragon - Character Art for work in progress (prequel to "Broken" (tentatively named)) 

4: Kiss Me - Character art (and possible future cover art) in the Darwin's Theory novella series. 

5: I'm trying to Study - Character art for Darwin's Theory 

6: Exotic - Character art for work in progress 

7: Smoldering Look - Cover art for Darwin's Theory Book Two: Secrets

What WILL I come up with for next week???

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photographer & Model "WrongState"

This week I am featuring conceptual photographer and model Wrong State (
 He's not gay, but has a strong homoerotic awareness in his work.
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26 April 2011
AIDS Awareness 2
When Good Boys Done Bad

So Hey
Submitted BW II
Opinions, please
Our guest would like our opinions on this one:
I wonder what I'll come up with NEXT week???